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外研版初中英语9年级上册Module1 Unit1 It's more than 2,000 years old外研版初中英语9年级上册Module1 Unit2 The Grand Canyon was not just big外研版初中英语9年级上册Module1 Unit3 Language in use外研版初中英语9年级上册Module2 Unit1 My family always go somewhere interesting as soon as t外研版初中英语9年级上册Module2 Unit2 We have celebrated the festival since the first pionee外研版初中英语9年级上册Module2 Unit3 Language in use外研版初中英语9年级上册Module3 Unit1 She trained hard,so she became a great player later外研版初中英语9年级上册Module3 Unit2 There were few doctors,so he had to work very hard on外研版初中英语9年级上册Module3 Unit3 Language in use外研版初中英语9年级上册Module4 Unit1 I can look after myself,although it won't be easy for外研版初中英语9年级上册Module4 Unit2 I became so bored with their orders that I wished they外研版初中英语9年级上册Module4 Unit3 Language in use外研版初中英语9年级上册Module5 Unit1 Don't cross that rope外研版初中英语9年级上册Module5 Unit2 If you ever go to London,make sure you visit the Scien外研版初中英语9年级上册Module5 Unit3 Language in use外研版初中英语9年级上册Module6 Unit1 If I start after dinner,I'll finish it before I go to外研版初中英语9年级上册Module6 Unit2 If you tell him the truth now,you will show that you a外研版初中英语9年级上册Module6 Unit3 Language in use外研版初中英语9年级上册Module7 Unit1 We're still influenced by Confucius's ideas外研版初中英语9年级上册Module7 Unit2 It is still read and loved外研版初中英语9年级上册Module7 Unit3 Language in use外研版初中英语9年级上册Module8 Unit1 Daming wasn't chosen for the team last time外研版初中英语9年级上册Module8 Unit2 He was invited to competitions around the world外研版初中英语9年级上册Module8 Unit3 Language in use外研版初中英语9年级上册Module9 Unit1 Will computers be used more than books in the future外研版初中英语9年级上册Module9 Unit2 Will books be replaced by the Internet外研版初中英语9年级上册Module9 Unit3 Language in use外研版初中英语9年级上册Module10 Unit1 I have some photos that I took in Australia last year外研版初中英语9年级上册Module10 Unit2 The game that they like most is Australian football外研版初中英语9年级上册Module10 Unit3 Language in use外研版初中英语9年级上册Module11 Unit1 He’s the boy who won the photo competition last year外研版初中英语9年级上册Module11 Unit2 The photo which we liked best was taken by Zhao Min外研版初中英语9年级上册Module11 Unit3 Language in use外研版初中英语9年级上册Module12 Unit1 If everyone starts to do something,the world will be外研版初中英语9年级上册Module12 Unit2 Repeat these three words dailyreduce,reuse and recycl外研版初中英语9年级上册Module12 Unit3 Language in use

Unit 1 The flight was late.

Target language 语言目标:

1.Key vocabulary重点词汇

airplane coach departure lounge transport

2.Key phrases重点短语

departure lounge full of because of in China because of Spring Festival.

Better get back to work.

We'll to and talk about trips.

To improve listening and speaking ability.

Unit 2 Yotre sitting in my seat.

Language goals 语言目标

1.Key vocabulary重点词汇

nod tear towards cigarette though

2.Key phrases重点短语

set off push..…away look out of get off

3.Key sentence重点句子

Don't forget where you come from.

Write to us as soon as you get there.

I'm getting off before you.

Even if it's only 10 minutes,you should move.

Unit 3 Language in use Target language语言目标:

1.Key vocabulary重点词汇与短语

step do the trip?

Language skill能力目标:

Enable the students to talk about a trip they Ask some students to retell the story in Unit 2.

T:Who can retell the story in front of the class?Be brave!